Why Healthcare Facilities Need Cloud-Based Phone Systems


As one of the main decision makers for a medical facility, you have a lot to consider. Your decisions must make financial sense as well as be a logical fix for whatever pain point you are trying to solve. So, I ask you, when was the last time your medical office was renovated? Was it the 80’s, 90’s, or early 2000’s? If it’s been a few decades, the visible wear and tear is obvious. However, it’s not so easy to see the need to update the internal infrastructure of medical offices and hospitals.  

With all the advancements in telecommunications, you may have been trying to add features to a system that cannot support them. This can bog down the system as a whole and make working in your facility more difficult than it needs to be.  

Your phone system can and should support voice and messaging at a bare minimum. Read on to learn more about how and why your phone system should be upgraded to a cloud-based phone system for healthcare.  

Communications for All Ages 

As a medical institute, it is important to cater to the masses. This can be difficult when you consider the different preferences of each demographic. For example, the older generation prefers to communicate via voice calls.  This traditional way of communicating is easily catered to, as traditional phone lines have been the norm for decades.  

However, the younger generation of adults does not prefer voice calls. Some even consider voice calls rude. They would much rather communicate via text or email. This way, the person they are communicating with can address the sender’s concerns in their own time without interrupting any projects they may be in the middle of.  

So how do you support all patients, no matter their preferences? Well, you can either piece together a hodge-podge of solutions, or you can upgrade your communications system to a cloud-based phone system.  

Cloud-Based Phone Systems for the Medical Sector 

When looking to upgrade any aspect of your infrastructure, it’s important to understand not only what your clientele needs but also what your employees, staff, and overall business needs and wants from the system.  


Your clientele needs to be able to communicate with you in a way that makes them comfortable. Cloud-based phone systems support voice and messaging. That means your clients will have their choice of communication avenues.  

Cloud-based phone solutions can also integrate some existing programs. Depending on your cloud-based phone system, your patient portal could be a part of the system, making it even easier for your client to stay informed and connected.  


Your employees and staff should have the ability to work remotely. This becomes a nonissue using softphones. Cloud-based phone systems for healthcare come with applications that can be installed on mobile devices. This turns your staff’s mobile devices into work devices. As long as they have access to the internet, they will be able to help your clientele.  

Clients and Staff 

Telemedicine has become extremely popular in the past few years. Since the 2020 pandemic induced shut down, the need to serve through technology has skyrocketed. In fact, according to health intelligence, 38% of patients received virtual care so far in 2022. Of those patients, an overwhelming 76% wish to continue receiving healthcare in this fashion. A cloud-based phone system for healthcare is equipped with features needed to support telehealth, enabling even more patients to be cared for.  

HighComm Can Get Your Facilities Up to Date 

If your healthcare facility is ready to be updated and upgraded to a new communications solution, HighComm is here for you. Our specialists are available to discuss all the features associated with a cloud-based phone system and how they can benefit your medical institution. Contact us today to learn more about cloud-based phone systems.  

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