Utilizing a Powerful VoIP System for School Communications


Why You Need a VoIP System for Your School

Technology is especially important in a school setting. You know that school stakeholders crave the biggest and best for their students. This includes one-to-one devices and state of the art video and audio within the classroom. However, why should students get all the fun? Let the wheels on this bus take you for a ride and teach you why you should be utilizing a VoIP system for your school communications. Are you ready to learn about how your VoIP system will make your communications as easy as 1,2,3?

Benefits of a VoIP System for School

School communications have come a long way. Gone are the days when your bells, phone lines, messaging, and more were all separate entities. When utilizing a VoIP system for your school communications, all these items come together in the simplest and most efficient way you could imagine. While the functions within the VoIP system are beneficial for all, there are certain functions that some members of your staff will use more than others.


App/mobility- With principals spending 46% of their time outside of the office, mobility is of utmost important. The app associated with your VoIP system for your school allows your administrator to take their communication with them while they are working. Not only throughout the building, but also while they are away from the building. Administrators are not only bringing their phone/voice communication with them wherever they go, they are also bringing their chat feature as well. As a side bonus, this app is also ideal for your custodial staff. As well as your shared and specialized staff that work in several buildings. When using the app on their mobile device, personal information stays private.

Blast info/mass announcements- The system holds all your contact information for staff and student families. Administrators simply open the system, select who the message is for, compose the message, and schedule when the message will be sent.

Office Staff

Auto attendants- Office staff will breathe a sigh of relief when the auto attendants take some of their phone answering burden away from them. When you set up the auto attendant, your caller will be directed to the correct personnel without disturbing your office staff.

Announcements- Choosing between a whole-school announcement or a single classroom announcement are not your only two options anymore. When utilizing a VoIP system for your school communications, you can customize which classrooms and areas of the building will hear your announcement, thereby creating less disruption.

Messaging without interruption- Gone are the days when you must disrupt a classroom with the intercom. Through the messaging/chat feature in the VoIP system for schools, you can send a message directly to your staff without disturbing the learning environment.

Bells- School bells have been used for over 100 years. When updating to VoIP for your school, your bell system is now integrated into your VoIP system. This not only allows you to target the areas of your school that hear the bells, but also makes changing the bell schedule simple and speedy.


Video conferencing- Parent teacher conferences are a vital part of educational communication. Video conferencing allows parents and teachers to meet and discuss their student when schedules are conflicting. This is also a notable feature during the current pandemic. Giving parents and teachers the option of video conferencing shows that you are concerned about their comfort while encouraging communication.

Panic buttons- Student safety is always at the forefront of an educator’s mind. Your VoIP system comes outfitted with panic buttons that can alert both the administration and emergency agencies. Along with panic buttons, your system can activate strobe lights as well.

voip system

HighComm Gets An A+ On Its School VoIP System

All functions in your communication system should be working together to make your school run smoothly and efficiently. While the outdated systems do work, they do not work together. When utilizing a VoIP system for school communications, you take your communications from barely passing to an A+.

When using a VoIP system from HighComm, your staff will have a cloud-based system that they can rely on. From the administrators and teachers to specialized staff, all members have access to phone system features that will make the entire school run more efficiently. While using a VoIP system, your staff can focus on the education of children instead of the aggravations of a failing and outdated communication system.

HighComm goes above and beyond for your school. With HighComm, you can use all of the functions highlighted above. HighComm earns extra credit by installing and maintaining your system for you. HighComm is also ready to train you and your staff on the VoIP system for your school. So, if you are ready to bring your school to the top of the class, give HighComm a call at 1-833-444-4266.

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