24 Nov

How VoIP Phone Systems Can Improve School Safety

crossing guard protecting school safety

We can all agree that members of the education field have the health, wellness, and safety of their students as their main priority. Did you know there are little extra steps you can take that can give you just a little more peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your students? This […]

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02 Dec

7 Reasons to Move to a Cloud-Based School Phone System

teacher looking to move Cloud-Based School Phone System

Supporting your stakeholders in this day and age is more important than ever. As information continues to move quickly, the speed at which you can deliver communications in an efficient and timely manner is paramount to a successful school district.   If your school is still running on a traditional telephone line, it’s time to look into a Cloud-Based School Phone System. […]

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08 Jun

Critical Communications Systems for Schools

critical communications systems for schools

The top two priorities of any leader of a school system are your student’s education and safety. While you can practice drills and prepare for the worst to the best of your abilities, the way you communicate with staff and responsible parties is of utmost importance.   Can a critical communications systems for schools become a hero in an emergency situation? We say yes. When an emergency happens, response […]

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08 Jun

Utilizing a Powerful VoIP System for School Communications

VoIP system

Why You Need a VoIP System for Your School Technology is especially important in a school setting. You know that school stakeholders crave the biggest and best for their students. This includes one-to-one devices and state of the art video and audio within the classroom. However, why should students get all the fun? Let the […]

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08 Jun

School Communication Systems That Work

School Communication Systems

School communication systems are a vital part of any district’s plan. But finding that perfect solution can be overwhelming. Most of the time you end up with multiple providers, and solutions that don’t interact and, frankly, make your job even more difficult. When finding that perfect communication system for your school, there are some key […]

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