Getting the Most Out of Your School Phone System


Finding a school phone system that keeps up with the ever-changing demands for modern solutions can be difficult. Your communities are always adapting with innovative technology, and you want to find an affordable way to keep up with communication trends.

You need a solution that not only keeps up, but also makes your day-to-day easier. It should help keep your conversations more straightforward, and make your emergency situations run more smoothly. A phone system designed to fit your schools’ needs is the ideal solution for all your communication conundrums.

School Phone System Benefits

There are a lot of added benefits to a VoIP phone system that are not present in traditional systems. Your school phone system should be designed to make your job easier. It should remove all stress caused by communication blunders so that you can focus on building up future generations.

Modern solutions are quick to set up, because they are cloud-based solutions that are essentially plug and play. It is a straightforward transition from your old system to your new, and you’ll be up and running in no time!

Undoubtedly the most impressive benefit that comes from a cloud-based connection is the ability to connect from anywhere with internet access. This is great if you travel between different schools, need to work remotely, or need to reach out to someone after hours. Life is chaotic. The flexibility of a VoIP phone system helps you stay connected through the chaos.

Modern school phone systems also make your job easier. They centralize all of your communications onto one platform. No more hopping between different applications and having multiple devices on your desk. Simply access your portal and have instant and complete control of your communications.

School Phone System Features

Your phone system should come equipped with all the features needed to not only communicate, but to communicate more effectively than ever before. When choosing your school phone system provider, it is important that they not only have these features but understand how vital they are to your administration.

Choosing someone who specializes in a school phone system means that you will always be up to date on the best solutions out there that fit your unique needs.

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Parent Communication

Parents need to be well informed about all things involving their children. A good school phone system will make it easier than ever for you to do so, with features like:

  • Auto Attendants will help streamline your calls by routing parents to the departments they need to connect.
  • Answering Rules can be used to direct calls for after hours.
  • Video Conferencing is perfect for having face to face conversations when it may otherwise be unachievable.
  • Business Messaging allows you to reach out in an undisruptive way and easily reach your entire desired audience. In fact, 85% of people prefer a message over a phone call.

On-Site Announcements

When students and staff are on the premises, it’s important to be able to reach them at any given time. A good school phone system should include ways to do so. A PA system that allows you to control exactly where your announcements are being broadcasted is a must. It allows for less disruption and more control. Additionally, you should also be able to manage your bell system through your phone system as well, so that you can be better prepared, no matter what.

Student Safety

Safety should always be a number one priority, and a good school phone system can enhance your precautionary steps. For example, look for a phone system that comes with panic buttons that either alert the administration or emergency agencies. When trouble strikes, saving precious time could be the only thing stopping disaster. It is also beneficial if your system offers strobe lights, to help cue anyone hearing impaired or in a noisy environment, if an emergency arises.

Pairing these features with an easy-to-use platform that can be accessed from anywhere builds you the flexible solution your school needs to be ready for anything.

Our Promise to Your School

When you are looking for that perfect phone system, you can be sure that HighComm makes the grade. We specialize in providing school phone systems that exceed your expectations. We make communicating within your community as easy as A-B-C.

HighComm has all the right features for your schools, like PA systems for announcements and panic buttons so the proper authorities can be reached instantly. We makes connecting with teachers and parents simple. Whether you need to make one-on-one calls (either in-office or away from the office) or want to send out mass messages – we’ve got you covered!

We know what you need in a school phone system and put in the work to keep you connected. We free you to focus on your students and staff. If you are ready to learn more about what it would take to get your phone system updated, give HighComm a call at 1-833-444-4266, or visit our school page here to learn more!

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