Finding the Best Phone System for Car Dealerships


Whether you are just starting your car dealership or if you have an established business, having the correct phone system for car dealerships installed in your business is crucial. Your phone system can help you provide top-notch customer service and perfect your day-to-day business activities. There are a few different types of phone systems you can choose for your business. These different phone systems offer different features. 


Picking a Phone System for Car Dealerships 

When you are looking into phone systems for car dealerships, it is important to know your options. There are two general categories that phone systems can be separated into. Legacy and VoIP. The legacy phone system is the traditional phone system that has basic features. A VoIP phone system is more modern and has many additional features beyond just voice calls and messaging. 


Legacy Phone System 

The traditional phone system that most people are familiar with is currently called a POTS, or plain old telephone system. This system consists of landlines, hard wiring, and a communications stack (usually located in a closet). This system is reliable, in that some versions do not need electricity to function, meaning even during a power outage, you can still use your phone lines.  

One of the biggest downsides though is that POTS can be expensive to maintain. Whenever there is an issue, you will need to put in a call to your service provider and have a representative come to service your lines or keep an IT tech in house. POTS can also be very limiting. With hardwired components, any calls coming into your business lines are directed only to your brick-and-mortar location.  


Voice over Internet Protocol 

Voice over Internet Protocol, better known as VoIP, processes your calls through the internet. This means you no longer need a communications stack or hard wires to receive phone calls. With all maintenance handled on the backend, service calls are near nonexistent. VoIP offers several features that legacy phone systems cannot.  


Because VoIP phone systems only need the internet to work, you can bring your work with you wherever you have an internet connection, including your home, commute, and out of town. 


To make VoIP even more mobile, most systems come with desktop and mobile apps, allowing you to receive work phone calls from anywhere, without compromising your personal information.  


You can send your clients reminders, special promotions, and more with SMS messaging. 

Auto Attendant:

Auto attendants help filter phone calls to the right customer service representative or service area that the customer is trying to reach before the phone even rings in-office.  

Call Rules:

Call rules allow you to set up “rules” for your phone. For instance, if someone is calling after hours, you can send the call to an after-hours phone number or voice mail. 

Call Forwarding, Hold, Park:

With a VoIP system, transferring calls between employees is easier than ever. You have options like call forwarding, call hold, or call parking to make these transfers smooth.  

And there is so much more! VoIP packs in the features, so you can pack in the conversations! 


The Right Solution for Your Dealership 

When you are deciding which phone system would be the best fit for your business needs, you need to not only consider the features of individual phone systems but also what type of car dealership you run.

For instance, if your dealership small and you are not planning on growth, then a traditional solution may work for you but could cost you more. However, if your car dealership has more than 3 employees, more than one department, and has the potential to grow, a VoIP phone system is going to be the better solution.  

Your car dealership needs a phone system that will not just connect its calls but allow for easier communications. Put a work number in each of your sales teams’ pockets so they can contact their customers from any location. Enable your front office to send a message to the detailing team from the floor. Remove conversational barriers for your customers trying to schedule services.

Your capabilities are endless when it comes to unleashing VoIP features that help your car dealership!


HighComm’s Phone System for Car Dealerships 

HighComm wants to help you build the car dealership of your dreams by providing you with a solution built for car dealerships. Our VoIP phone systems for car dealerships is packed with the features you need to provide the best customer service, run an efficient crew, and grow your business.  

When it comes to finding the right phone system for car dealerships, look no further than HighComm. Contact us today to unlock an affordable phone system for your business! 

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