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Office phone systems should be designed to make your life easier, your conversations smoother, and your connections reliable. In today’s world, you need communications as flexible as possible. It also needs to provide the flexibility your business needs to meet all the demands of the common business world.

There are many available options for a business looking for their ultimate office phone system. The most popular and reliable being a VoIP solution. But it is important to first figure out your business needs before jumping into a contract and potentially having your needs left unmet by its incapability’s down the line. Taking the time to find your perfect solution is vital to building your business’s success, while also taking care of your team’s needs.

Why Businesses Need Office Phone Systems

You may already have a traditional phone solution (or a legacy phone system). But now is a great time to ask yourself, is your phone system making your life easier? Just because you’ve used this system for so long, doesn’t mean you need to keep settling.

If you’re just starting out, wouldn’t you rather have a system in place that makes your operations run more smoothly, so you spend less time coming up with solutions? Plus, a VoIP office phone system can save a business that is just starting out up to 90% on upfront costs when compared to traditional PBX.

A modern office phone system is designed to make your communications easier than ever. It can provide your business with flexibility, reliability, and value.


If recent history has taught you anything, it is that your business solutions need to be flexible. You never know what sort of problems are going to be thrown at your business. A modern VoIP office phone system is the answer to this demand.

Most office phone systems make your communications accessible from anywhere you have internet access and allow you to turn any device into your work phone. No more panicking about being unable to get to the office to make an important call or using your personal (and less protected) devices to reach out for business.


With your communications being cloud-based, you are no longer at the mercy of your equipment. Broken phone? No problem, your computer can be used as a softphone, and your tablet and cell as well! And it all has your business phone number, so you’re creating a seamless experience for your customers.

Additionally, most VoIP solutions have better uptime then traditional PBX, so you never have to worry about connection issues. Keep your mind on your business, knowing you’ll always be available when needed.


The great thing about VoIP office phone systems? The savings!

No more paying for expensive equipment that takes up precious office space. And no more paying an IT team to keep it up and running! As essentially a plug and play solution, all maintenance and upkeep are on the provider’s side. You just enjoy communicating without all those additional costs. Plus, most office phone systems come equipped with features that can save you even more!

It’s important that you are there for your customers when they need you. Being available requires partnering with a phone system provider that you can rely on to keep you connected in all situations.

Office Phone Systems

Best Features of Office Phone Systems

A good office phone system allows your business access to a plethora of features that go above and beyond at making your communications great. A VoIP solution unleashes capabilities that traditional solutions could only dream of. These features make communicating with your customers and team easier than ever before!

CRM Integration

When selecting an office phone solution, look for one that integrates with your CRM. This will make accessing your customer information easier and allows your platforms to communicate with each other. No more manually passing information back and forth between the two. Which means your team can spend less time on data entry and more time on more productive tasks!

Auto Attendant

An Auto Attendant, helps land your customers where they need to be, without having to employ someone just to forward calls all day long! Additionally, you are able to set rules that forward calls to specific lines if calling after hours, or when someone is on vacation. Plus, if someone is away from office, their mobile device can still receive their work calls forwarded through the auto attendant!

Mobile Application

Your office phone systems should allow your team to easily work remotely, from anywhere. With a good mobile application, you are never stranded without your business communications again. This is great for any business that needs mobility and helps assure that under any circumstance, your customers can still reach you.

Phones are not simply lines that connect you anymore, they are helpful tools that make day-to-day business easier. If your solution isn’t working for you than it may be time to find a new one!

Giving You the Competitive Edge

HighComm knows that businesses need all the right tools to help them stand out from the competition. Not only do we have the right solutions, but we also offer them at affordable prices that make growing your business effortless.

At HighComm, you’ll receive access to all the features discussed above, plus additional features you should look for in your office phone systems, such as:

  • Call Recording
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Forwarding/Screening
  • Conference Bridges
  • Visual Voicemail
  • And so much more!

We also offer business SMS Messaging, so you can improve your relationships with your customers by communicating in their preferred method!

We want to build your perfect office phone system so that you can start enjoying the flexibility you want, with the reliability you need, at the prices you can afford! Want to learn more about our office phone systems? We have a whole page dedicated to our service! Rather speak to someone on the team? We’re only a call away at 1.833.444.4266! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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