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In order to build your new Phone System we need some information

Step number one – Contact and Billing information

Tell us a bit more

ok were getting there, this step we will get Specifications so start work

ok were getting there, this step we will get Specifications so start work

as part of our goals we want our client to growth

we decided to give you a valuable Gift, and auto attended system(studio Work)

  • General Information
  • Tech Knowledge:
  • Specifications:
  • Gift From HighComm

General Information

Company Name:

Contact Name:

Contact Number:

Service Address


Tech Knowledge:

Internet Provider

Internet Provider:

Previous Internet Provider:

1. Fail-Over Number (routing calls automatically when power / internet is down)

Contact have technical Knowledge?

Hours Of Operations:

Closed on Holidays: (specify the dates)

Business Numbers (DID's)

Main Number:

Directed to: Auto Receptionist / Ring Group / Extension etc.

In the case of multiple number, please add them is in the following format 13057288645 / 1844100100

Fax Number:

In Case of multiple FAX numbers, please use the following format :(13057288645,18444100100)

Fax Method

Forward to Email:

Extensions List And Directory

Extension group starts with:

Specifications per each extension please upload a file with the needed information below, or add in below the correct information

Ext. number / Ext. Name / Desk Phone or Soft Phone / Device Model / Follow Me Cellphone YES / NO (if yes, after how many rings) / Voice Mail to Email YES / NO (Email Add)

Add on features

Add on features breakdown:

Auto Receptionist System

option 0

Option 1

Option 2

option 3

option 4

option 5

option 6

option 7

option 8

option 9

Time out:

option #

option *

unavailable option :(after Hours)

Auto Receptionist Script

if your not ready yet that's fine, you can contact your personal account manager for assistance

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