1.Technical check and useful information

Fill up your IT person contact below to share with him the needed information.

    Please set the voice traffic to the highest priority.

    Firewall ports and traffic to allow:
    Rtp: UDP ports (1024 to 65535)
    Web: VO-8082, Portal-8445
    Provisioning: Remote TCP 80/443.
    Mobyx: Remote UDP 1221

    Static IP Dresses:
    If you need us to set static address, please provide IP BY EXTENTION.

    Please Use a Computer to run this test

    2.Network SCANNER

    1. Please choose your operating system to download and install

    2. Once Completed please press the buton below:

    3. Coose 'VNA Test and insert the number of extensions in 'Lines to simulate' and press RUN

    4. Email Support the results

    Once the installer has been downloaded locate it on your computer, right click the icon and select Run As Administrator

    right click and run as admin

    Click the Next button to go to the next step.

    run the installer

    Click I Agree to accept the license agreement.

    run the installer page 2

    We recommend leaving the Check to run the BCS automatically check box checked (admin users only, non admin? Click here).

    The benefits of this include automatic updates (the user will always be asked permission before updating) and running silently.

    This means the user won’t have to start the BCS every time they want to perform a test.

    run the installer page 3

    Specify the installation folder and then click Install.

    run the installer page 4

    The installation should complete successfully. Click Close to complete the installation.

    run the installer page 5

    Non Admin Installation

    When the installer is run without admin privileges the run automatically checkbox will be greyed out. When this is the case the default installation directory is the users Desktop.

    The installation will place a filed named thebcs.exe on the Desktop. Double click this file to start the BCS. A small dialog will popup stating that it is running in the background.

    The BCS will NOT start up on reboot in this scenario.

    Once the PKG installer has been downloaded locate it on your computer, right click the icon and select Open

    right click and run as admin

    A standard installer window will appear. Click Continue to begin the installation.

    run the installer

    Click Install for me only followed by the continue button

    run the installer

    If you wish to use a different install location then click the Change Install Location button. Click Install to begin the installation.

    run the installer

    A user password will be required to permit the installation. Enter the password and click the Install Software button.

    run the installer

    The installation should then complete. Click close to finish the process.

    run the installer

    The test environment should now load. If not the machine may require a restart.

    Step 1: Once the TAR file has been downloaded untar it using the tar -xvf bcs_linux.tar command. This will unpack the bcs.tar and bcs_configure.sh.

    Step 2: Run the configure script using sudo sh bcs_configure.sh. Follow the prompts to complete the install.

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