Leveraging a Mobile VoIP Solution for Remote Work


As a business owner, we know the last year has been hard on many due to the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. This unfortunate occurrence caused many businesses to scramble looking for a way to keep their employees safe. Especially while also keeping their company connected. Leveraging a mobile VoIP solution for remote work and changing circumstances is the perfect way to meet all your business’s communication needs. It’s also perfect for keeping your entire team and customer-base protected.

If you are still using a traditional phone system, you are limiting your business’s potential. Mobile VoIP solutions unlock more flexibility and capability for your workforce. When needing to enabling remote work, a mobile VoIP solution provides the flexibility you need.

What is a Mobile VoIP Solution?

Traditional communication solutions used to tie businesses to their offices. Your team was connected to space consuming equipment. You did not have many capabilities as far as reaching out, other than placing a phone call.

VoIP solutions however, cut these tethers completely. With Mobile VoIP, you are only limited by an internet connection. Which in the world of fiber, 4G and now even 5G, means rarely will these limitations cause you distress! And it a world of remote work, this ability is more needed than ever.

VoIP Platforms provide businesses with a diverse offering set to assure that their communication needs are being met. Instead of being tied to a desk on company grounds your team will have a variety of options available to them thanks to VoIP.

Take It To-Go

In addition to just having an office phone, many VoIP solutions allow for those same desktop phones to move locations. So, if someone (or your entire team) needs to go remote for an undetermined quantity of time, they can simply unplug and take work with them.

As most of these phones are directly plugged into an internet source it makes them easy to move. Just make sure you are using a company approved connection and that all e911 regulations are being followed to keep your team safe and your communications protected.

Find It Online

An added capability thanks to your communications being an internet-based service is the access to a softphone client. Many VoIP providers allow this option for their customers. These are great for teams that are work partially in office and remotely.

This convenient feature makes all your company communication needs accessible wherever an internet connection and browser exist. This makes for a great back-up solution if you ever find yourself unable to get to the office and don’t have access to your main mobile device.

Mobile VoIP Fits in Your Pocket

As mentioned in the previous section, your mobile device grants you access to your mobile VoIP solutions! And not just through a browser! Most VoIP solutions now come with their very own application, making it easier than ever for you to make your business calls, now from anywhere!

When given this capability nearly 74% of employees use their mobile application to place calls. And not only can you call, but you also have access to all the mobile VoIP features you could possibly need to keep your conversations flowing. This means your remote workers can access your VoIP solution while on-the-go with ease!

mobile VoIP

Free Your Communications with HighComm

Your team needs communications that are flexible to help them better serve your customers. Additionally, the more flexible your communications are the better suited your business is to bounce back when any unforeseen circumstances arise. Being prepared for anything is the best way to future-proof your business and keep your communications secure.

At HighComm we know the importance of utilizing mobile VoIP to better serve your workforce, both in person and remote. We make it easy for you to switch and supply you with the best communication features available. Our auto attendant lands your calls where they need to be (even if that staff member is working from home!) and our mobile VoIP application gives your team complete access to all their essential information and capabilities.

If you are ready to learn more about how mobile VoIP can improve your remote workforce, we are here to help! Give us a call at 1(833)444-4266 to get started today!

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