How VoIP Phone Systems Can Improve School Safety


We can all agree that members of the education field have the health, wellness, and safety of their students as their main priority. Did you know there are little extra steps you can take that can give you just a little more peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your students? This includes having the very best VoIP phone system designed with safety in mind. 

A VoIP Phone System 

You may be asking yourself what VoIP even is. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. This is where your phone services are delivered through the internet instead of traditional phone lines. Due to the nature of the set-up of VoIP, the system is less costly than a traditional phone system as you pay a low monthly fee instead of per call.  

VoIP phone systems are set up and maintained by the service providers. This is another way that VoIP can save your school money, as you no longer must pay for expensive maintenance calls or upkeep on your lines.  

Benefits of a VoIP Phone System 

The benefits of a VoIP phone system for schools go farther than the benefits of a VoIP phone system for businesses. While businesses value features that promote productivity and efficiency, schools need VoIP features that are more tailored to support key stakeholders.  

One of the most exciting features of a VoIP system is that the system combines all your communications into one easy-to-use solution. This means voice calls, video conferencing, messaging in between employees and blast messages are all part of the same system. Better yet, a VoIP phone system can even run your bell schedule, intercom, and alarm system.  

A feature that is particularly useful in schools is the zone features. This means you can access different zones in your building through the intercom and alarm system. Gone are the days when the whole school needs to be interrupted for an announcement meant for one specific set of students.  

Another great VoIP feature for schools is the mobility of the system. A VoIP phone system can route your phone calls to a softphone while keeping the user’s identity safe. There are also mobile apps that can be downloaded onto mobile devices so your staff can access information remotely. If you have shared staff or administrators that need to leave the building frequently, the mobility feature can be a lifesaver. Mobility is great for members of the maintenance staff also.  

Safety of Students in Emergency Situations 

Traditional phone systems are only as useful as a call to 911 in an emergency. Even worse, if the power goes out in your building, your phone system can be dead in the water. This is where a VoIP system can really shine.  

911 – VoIP systems have the option to integrate with local emergency services. This integration puts the safety of your students first when and if an emergency were to take place. The system can even notify the building, zone, hallway, or even classroom of where the emergency is taking place.  

Reliability – In general, VoIP phone systems are much more reliable than traditional phone lines. This is because the infrastructure is internet-based and is spread out geographically around the globe. Due to the mobility of the system and the use of softphones, a VoIP phone system is always accessible. This reliability is especially important for the safety of your students during times of natural disasters and emergency situations.                                                                                                           

Upgrade Your School’s Phone System With HighComm 

HighComm is here to help you upgrade your school’s phone system. We can train you and your staff with your new system once we install it for you. Additionally, not only do we install your system, but we also maintain your phone system. We will make sure your internet-based phone system is updated and running smoothly so you’re able to build the safest environment possible for your school. 

 Contact us today to discuss the perfect phone system for the safety and wellness of your students, staff, and stakeholders! 

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