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Education costs for schools are growing rapidly and they show no signs of stopping. According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau, the cost per student is up by at least 5% – from $12,559 per pupil in 2018 to $13,187 per pupil in 2019. And while the statistics for 2020 are yet to be calculated, it’s safe to say that education can be – and often is — quite expensive. 

With that in mind, we wanted to present an option for schools – and school districts – that can save money without compromising educational quality. Consider switching to hosted VoIP for schools for your communication needs. A hosted VoIP system gives you the opportunity to lower your overall phone bill, upgrade the capabilities you already have (and still need), and test a whole library of new features! But first, let’s examine the cost savings of a VoIP phone system.

How is Hosted VoIP For Schools Going To Save You Money? 

Free Calls on Your Network 

Say goodbye to charges for internal phone calls! Most hosted VoIP providers allow users to make calls for free to any user or phone that’s connected to the system. And since most school communications are internal, the savings can stack up fast. Even calls made outside the school’s VoIP phone system can cost less if the person you’re calling also has a SIP-based phone. 

No Complicated Contracts 

Many communications providers try to lock their clients into multiple-year contracts, with hidden per-line or per-limit fees that end up costing you more than what their solution’s worth. They might also require you purchase additional services, like broadband internet, to set you up with a new system. Thankfully, many hosted VoIP providers don’t ask you to sign these kinds of contracts. They prioritize your flexibility, allowing you to add users or remove users whenever you need to.  

Little-to-No Maintenance 

With every passing year, traditional PBX systems are rendered increasingly obsolete. Parts are becoming harder to find, some aren’t even manufactured anymore. This means maintenance is going to become more frequent and more expensive. Thankfully, hosted VoIP doesn’t have these restrictions. All of the upkeep of the servers, phone features, and other components is handled by the VoIP provider. No need to pay more to have someone come onsite to fix your phones – your phones can be fixed with an email or a text. 

No Additional Fees for Customer Support 

When you purchase a hosted VoIP solution, the provider’s support staff usually comes with it! Most providers have 24/7 teams that are not only knowledgeable about the product but easily accessible via text, email, or phone call. If you experience an outage, or any other issues, all you need to do is reach out and the problem will be solved in a matter of hours – if not minutes. Having this extra helping hand saves your IT staff time, effort, and money.  

Swift & Simple Setup 

Unlike other phone systems, you don’t need to pay an installation crew to come in and replace your phones. With a hosted VoIP system, you can get the entire school set up in a couple of hours. Phones could be replaced and booted up once the students are home for the day and be ready to go the very next morning. While that seems too good to be true, it isn’t!  

  • Hosted VoIP uses a standard internet connection to function. Simply connect the phones to the internet using an ethernet cable or wifi connection. 
  • VoIP phones are “plug and play” – meaning that once the phones are “plugged into” the internet, they’re ready make calls. Simple as that. 
  • Many hosted VoIP services boast a web-based UI for users and admins where you can set your school’s automated assistant, record voicemail greetings, choose standard features and more. All you have to do is log in! 


Hosted VoIP For Schools: Let’s Talk Features!

We’ve covered how hosted VoIP solutions can save you money – but what about time? What about effort or stress? That’s where phone features come in. Below you’ll find just a few of the many useful features VoIP provides for schools and school districts – some you may already have and some you might not. 

Intercom & Announcement Support – Instead of paying for the extra equipment needed for an intercom system – just use your VoIP phones!  Your IT staff can establish dedicated intercom lines online for any administrator that might need access. This can also be utilized for important announcements such as school closings, emergency notifications, or simply a significant change in the schedule. 

Auto Attendants – Create customized greetings – and touchtone menus – for each school within a district quickly and easily.  

Custom Call Routing – Route calls to the proper departments, groups, or specific faculty members with just a few simple clicks. Establish routing strategies and rules for after-hours calls quickly and easily from an easy-to-use online portal. 

Built-in HD Conferencing – Participate in crystal-clear voice and video conferencing with parents, other staff members, and more using personal conference bridges within the VoIP phone system 

And much, much more! 


Get Started With Hosted VoIP For Schools Through HighComm 

At HighComm, we strive to provide one easy-to-use communications solution for your school – chockfull of features – at a cost you can afford. From intercom capabilities to emergency notifications, HighComm has you covered no matter what the circumstance. Interested in learning more about hosted VoIP for schools?  Request a consultation today to see how we can support you and your school in the coming year! 

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