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The healthcare industry in the United States is a several trillion dollar industry. With an estimated growth to $10 trillion by 2022. This makes healthcare one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. As one of the largest industries in the world, communications within the industry and to their clientele should be a high priority.   

With advances in the telecommunications industry, healthcare phone systems can really improve the everyday goings on within the offices. Telecommunications can also improve the services provided to patients and clientele.  

The Right Price 

There are many aspects of the healthcare industry. Of course, there are hospitals and doctor’s offices, but there are also other entities of the healthcare industry including pharmacies, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, physical therapy offices, insurance, etc. These various offices all need to have top notch communications. However, budgeting can be a hurdle for some offices. They don’t have the funds to invest in communications technologies when they would rather (and rightfully so) invest in healthcare technology.  

However, healthcare phone systems do not need to be so pricy. Most cloud-based phone systems actually save money in the long run. A good healthcare phone system can improve customer service, and ultimately, patient care. If healthcare offices are still running on plain old telephone lines (POTs), they are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to streamline and simplify their operations at a fraction of the cost.  

A Cloud-based Healthcare Phone System 

A cloud-based phone system can really benefit any healthcare facility. In order to improve the day-to-day functions within the office, it is important to lean into the features available through an internet-based phone system.  You can even promote patient-office relations through your phone system. Featured below are just a sampling of all the features included in a cloud-based phone system.   

The video capabilities of a cloud-based phone system can improve communication among co-workers. Collaboration can take place with professionals all around the globe through video conferencing. Patients can participate in video doctor appointments. This saves patients with mobility issues the hassle of travel, and possibly allows the doctor to see more patients throughout the day.  

The automation within a cloud-based phone system can take some burden off the office staff. Self-scheduling allows patients to schedule appointments on their own through either a desktop or mobile app without the need of an office person.   

Additional Abilities of a Healthcare Phone System 

Another wonderful feature of a cloud-based healthcare phone system is messaging.  Similar to the idea of instant messenger, the messaging feature allows coworkers to communicate in real time.  

When you combine the automation with messaging, you can connect with patients in a new way. Your automation can send patients text reminders to let them know it is time to schedule an appointment, remind them of any scheduled appointments, and even give test results.  

One of the most important features for a cloud-based healthcare phone system is the internal security. Cloud-based phone systems have security built into them. There were 599 security breaches in the healthcare system last year alone. The right healthcare phone system can help keep patient information private. 

Finally, another great feature of cloud-based phone systems is their clear connections. When you initially switch to a cloud-based phone system, you will connect it to your high-speed internet. Reliance on phone companies to not go down is no longer an issue. Cloud-based phone systems can be supported by a global network with multiple points of access. This creates zero downtime, even during a power outage or natural disaster.  

A Better Phone System 

If you’re in the healthcare industry, it’s time to upgrade your phone system. With HighComm, you will get a cloud-based phone system full of all the features you need to serve your patients and clients. Contact us today to upgrade to the system your healthcare office needs to achieve more! 

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