5 Reasons Your Car Dealership Can Grow with a Hosted Phone Solution


As you know, running a car dealership during a chip shortage has many trials and tribulations. Compounding these issues could be your phone system. You don’t want to fall victim to a phone system that is outdated and, frankly, holding you back. This is where a hosted phone solution can be the champion of your business.  

A hosted phone system can help you grow your business in many ways. Below, we have highlighted 5 reasons a hosted phone solution can grow your car dealership.  

Hosted Phone System Availability 

A hosted phone solution is a great option for any sized business including car dealerships. This is because hosted phone systems do not take a lot of setup and equipment to operate. A traditional phone system runs off copper wires and a phone grid that was developed in the early 1900s. While the system still works fine, it is outdated and cannot handle the data needed to run features that make a big difference to businesses.  

A hosted phone solution runs through the internet. This is great for those that do not want to spend a lot of money and time on setup, maintenance, and upkeep. A hosted phone system can be as simple as plugging into the internet and going from there. The service provider is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and updates.  

Hosted Phone System Scalability 

Scalability is particularly important in the car dealership world. There are many dealerships that expand and have several locations. This is great for business but can be a hassle for logistics. A hosted phone solution is not tied to a specific location due to the solution being based on the internet. Therefore, you only need to purchase one system that can be expanded to as many buildings and locations as needed.  

What is even more impressive is that you do not necessarily need to buy specialized equipment for the system to work. Through softphones and mobile apps, employees can use their own personal mobile devices and still use your hosted phone system. The system will protect their personal information, and they will still have access to everything they need for your car dealership. 

Hosted Phone System Automation 

Hosted phone systems come with auto-attendant features. This auto-attendant answers your phone calls for you. With short menu options, your auto-attendant will direct your phone calls to the correct extension without the need to disrupt your employees.  

As the business owner, you can decide what the menu options are and customize the menu to the needs of your business. Also, if you find that you need to change the menu at any time, the auto-attendant options are easily edited.  

Hosted Phone System Call Center 

Call analytics can be especially important to your bottom line. The information provided to you through call analytics can help you schedule the right number of staff during peak phone call traffic times. You can use the data given to you to drive your decisions with sound information to back up those decisions.  

Once you have set up automation to answer phone calls, there are even more options for you when patrons call your business. Hosted phone systems give you the opportunity to put calls on hold, route calls to certain departments, and even route calls to different phones. You can even set your call rules for certain times throughout the day.  

Hosted Phone System Customization 

Along with call rules comes the ability to set certain availability settings. Once you set your availability, customers do not have to waste their time waiting on a ringing phone. The automatic response to phone calls made after business hours can be a specialized message, send callers to an alternate phone line, or even send the caller straight to voicemail. This instantaneous response can improve your customer service and your client relationships.  

Get Started with A Hosted Phone Solution

If you are searching for that perfect solution for your multilocation car dealership, HighComm is here to help! Get started with your car dealership hosted phone solution today to unlock more savings, capabilities, and features than ever before. Our solution is loaded with everything your business needs to be successful and go to the next level!  


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