Beneficial Features of a Cloud-Based Phone System


If you are still using a traditional phone system for your business, you are likely missing out on a multitude of features that could be beneficial to your business. A cloud-based phone system is packed with many functions and features those older systems just can’t touch.  

If you’ve ever wanted more out of your solution, be it more functionality, flexibility, or capability, then a cloud-based phone system might be just what you’re looking for! This solution is seeing extreme growth, and in fact, is expected to be worth $55 billion by 2025! But what makes this solution so special? 

What is a Cloud-Based Phone System? 

cloud-based phone system is synonymous with voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems. No matter what you prefer to call it, the capabilities are the same. The provided phone service is internet based, eliminating the need for traditional, hardwired phone lines. Due to the cloud-based phone system’s internet-based programming, there are many features available to users beyond your basic phone features.  

Features of a Cloud-Based Phone System 

Most phone systems, whether they are cloud-based, or POTS (plain old telephone system) have certain capabilities. These basic features include the ability to make and receive phone calls, collect voice mails, transfer incoming calls, and place callers on hold. While these basic features are a part of the cloud-based phone system package, some traditional systems do charge extra for these simple features.  

While some businesses can operate and thrive with just the basic features of a phone alone, there are many advanced features of a cloud-based phone system that can help businesses become more efficient while increasing their bottom line. In order to better explain a few of the advanced features, we have organized them into a few categories. These include flexibility for your business operations, employee collaboration enhancing features, and features promoting positive customer service. Keep in mind these are just a few of the advanced features available through cloud-based phone systems.  


  • Desktop and Mobile App: Cloud-based phone systems come with desktop and mobile applications. This means your employees will have access to their phones anywhere there is an internet connection This opens your business up to offering the option of working remotely and gives you more flexibility. You could also expand your business to include multiple locations while utilizing the same phone system and having access to all that important customer information.  
  • Options: As a business owner, you can choose which features you would like to utilize in your business. Build your perfect feature bundle so that you can be sure you have everything your business needs. They are your communications. Make them work for you! 


  • Video Conferencing: As your employees work on projects together, they no longer must work only through in person meetings or email. With a cloud-based phone system, you have the option to bring departments together through video conferencing who may not necessarily get face-to-face time regularly. 
  • Instant Messaging: Instant messaging allows coworkers to chat digitally through the platform.  
  • Email: A cloud-based phone system can transcribe your voicemails and send them to your email, so you never miss a beat just from missing a call.  

Customer Service 

  • SMS: You can use the SMS feature to send your customers special promotions, updates on products, orders, or shipping updates. All through text messaging.  
  • Auto Attendant: Auto attendants answer phone calls and direct the caller to the correct department, allowing your employees to focus on clients that specifically need their department or expertise.   
  • Call Rules: Through the administration portal, you can set call rules for any call that comes after hours or during holidays. You can redirect these calls directly to a voice mail or forward to a different line.  
  • Call Analytics: Call analytics provide you with data about incoming and outgoing calls. This information can help you staff appropriately to better serve your clients. You can also use this information for training purposes.  


Additional Considerations 

When comparing a on-premises solution to a cloud-based phone system, there are other things to consider besides just features. A cloud-based phone system is low-cost, removing maintenance fees and personal upkeep. Cloud-based phone systems are also very scalable. In order to scale up, all you need is an extra physical phone, or access to the online applications. There are no hidden fees to scale your service. Also, a cloud-based phone system can increase the efficiency of your business. With all the features available on one platform, your employees will be able to work more efficiently that with other outdated options. 

HighComm’s Cloud-Based Phone System 

Here at HighComm, we want your business to have access to all the features you need to run and efficient and effective business. We help you watch your bottom line, while also allowing you access to all the great features your company needs to stand out from its competition. 

We offer you the best cloud-based phone system for your business needs, and a price that can’t be beat! If you are ready to start using the best cloud-based phone systemcontact us today or give us a call at 1.833.HIGHCOM (44.4266). 

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