HighComm’s healthcare phone system puts connection at the center of your practice. You can deliver better experiences and improve processes with our superior phone system – now integrated with Symplast!

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Everything your teams need to stay connected and safe


Build stronger relationships, solve problems faster, and communicate with efficiency by bringing your teams together with team messaging, video meetings, and reliable voice.

  • CRM Integration puts all of your patients info at your fingertips you can customize their service to them and improve their experience.  
  • Security & Compliance with security and compliance at the core of our healthcare phone system, patient and member data remains safe and secure.


Easily connect with different departments, team members, and staff to get the job done.

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Symplast Integration

You already have an all-in-one solution for your Practice with Symplast. Now it's time to integrate your phone system for a complete unified experience!

No more hopping from program to program, our integration means less swivel-chair and more productivity. Your practice will thrive with Symplast and HighComm!

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Cost concious

Your budget is always under fire. With HighComm you can effectively reduce your costs and time spent on maintenance by using a phone system that makes patient access and staff collaboration easier.

  • Live Symplast Integration
  • Custom Integrations
  • Worry-Free Reliability

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Life-Saving Reliability

When life hangs in the balance, you can count on a HighComm healthcare phone system. Our phone system delivers:

  • Geo-Redundancy for
    Maximum Uptime
  • Live Integrations for
    Fast Service

A Solution That Works Where You do

HighComm’s healthcare phone system allows for easy communication between all departments, areas, and additional locations.

Cloud-Based: Because our system is cloud based, all information can be stored, managed and/or accessed from within the platform.

On the Move: Stay connected no matter where you are with mobile app and soft phone accessibility.


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Evolve your healthcare phone system

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