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HighComm Active Internet Failover Solution

When your internet connection goes down, HighComm’s failover solution goes up

Your Internet Connection is the Bloodline of Your Business

You may think your business is immune to internet outages because you have a Fiber, DSL, T1, or Metro Ethernet connection, but don’t be fooled. No business is safe from this technological aggravation. From inventory control to managing schedules to point of sale transactions, a fast, reliable, internet connection is the bloodline of any business.

Internet downtime is a problem no business wants to find themselves in, but most primary internet service providers can only offer a 99.5% availability standard — which comes out to about 4 hours of downtime a month. The question isn’t if your internet connection fails, rather, when? And can your business afford this loss? 

How Does It Work?

During an internet outage, our advanced equipment will automatically fail over to a cellular data signal, ensuring your business stays connected to a fast, reliable, and secure network. This will keep mission-critical applications and your whole business infrastructure up and running.

The relatively low cost of wireless data for business continuity means a greater return on investment, and scalability options for multiple locations, while other options are simply not cost-effective. If your business is seeking a business continuity solution that can be trusted for always-on network connectivity, HighComm Active’s wireless solution ensures maximum uptime, speed-to-deployment, cost-effective scalability, and ease of management with limited IT solution.

Start Insuring Your Business

Our 4G LTE technology offers an always-on, cost-effective connectivity for your business. Plus, at only $53.95 a month you can rest assured that your business will never suffer from loss of internet.

When your internet connection goes down, HighComm’s failover solution goes up.

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