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In the communications industry, small to medium sized businesses can often be overlooked in preference to larger businesses. At HighComm we make small to medium sized businesses our priority. We are a Florida-based communications solution company that provides cloud-based communications to small to medium sized businesses and organizations.

Our mission is making communications easier by understanding our clients’ needs and aspirations, creating and developing the right solution while educating and delivering the complete package to raise companies’ efficiency and productivity.

About HighComm
HighComm Communication Solutions

We Enable Our Clients To:

HighComm Communication Solutions

Want to gain a competitive edge? We learn about your businesses to custom build services toward your needs. Our customers benefit our consulting, implementation, training, maintenance, and 24/7 support services. HighComm provides all this while guaranteeing the best rates, saving our clients’ money. We support our clients as they grow.

HighComm – Communications Solutions

We Make Communicating Easier

HighComm is dedicated to providing the best communications solutions for our clients. We know the troubles you’re facing, and work tirelessly to find you the solutions you need. Because we believe that everybody deserves great communications, not just the “Big Brands.”

Throughout our history of working with businesses like yours, we’ve ran into 6 common issues that most organizations are facing when it comes to working with their current phone system:
When working with HighComm, our clients are set up to work from anywhere, no matter what situation should arise. Through our desktop and mobile apps, our clients can work remotely or from the office seamlessly. Take your communications with you on the go and be prepared for anything.
Our solutions can be used on desktops, laptops, tablets and even cell phones. This allows our clients to work wherever they have access to the internet, including in office! The cloud-based premise of our solution stops you from having to keep expensive equipment on hand and removes the need to hire your own on-staff IT department to maintain communications.
Tired of hopping from chat to email, to calendar, to calling agent? Every time to fire up another application it feels like it knocks another half an hour out of your day! Our Hosted Solution keeps all your communications in one easy-to-use location.
You can rely on our service technicians. We are available 24/7 to help your business. We are in the business of communications, so you can keep your mind on your business’s conversations. No more worrying about your connection! Have we mentioned the 99.999% availability? Content
HighComm’s solutions are flexible. With our platform, you can have multiple offices all over the US and the world! Grow as fast as you like without worrying about outgrowing your communications. With the plug and play nature of our solutions it’s easier than ever to add on to your team without ever missing a beat! on Content
Trust me, we hear you! We know you have a bottom line to worry about when it comes to your business, and we also know that nothing beats a reliable connection. HighComm guarantees the best rates, because you deserve a trustworthy solution that won’t cause your business to go bankrupt.
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FREE Consultation

We’ll provide you with a complete cloud-based VoIP Phone Service that allows you to reduce cost and increase efficiency while keeping your business always connected.

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FREE Consultation

We’ll provide you with a complete cloud-based VoIP Phone System that allows you to reduce cost and increase efficiency while keeping your business always connected.

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