7 Reasons to Move to a Cloud-Based School Phone System


Supporting your stakeholders in this day and age is more important than ever. As information continues to move quickly, the speed at which you can deliver communications in an efficient and timely manner is paramount to a successful school district.  

If your school is still running on a traditional telephone line, it’s time to look into a Cloud-Based School Phone System. Not only do they reduce costs, but they also increase efficiencies and support your students, staff, and key stakeholders in unprecedented ways.  

7 Benefits of a Cloud-Based School Phone System 

1. Reliability 

Schools are responsible for the safety of all students, staff members, and visitors. It is important to have a school phone system that stays online during power outages with access to e911 services in case of emergencies. Due to the geographically dispersed infrastructure of a Cloud-Based School Phone System, your phones will work even when there is no electricity available at the school.  

2. Mobility

School systems share a lot of staff members, such as custodians and specialists.  However, these aren’t the only staff members that leave the building on duty.  Principals and other admin often need to attend meetings offsite. Along with these meetings, your teaching staff will often attend professional development conferences and workshops. One amazing perk of a Cloud-Based School Phone System is the capability of staff members to use their personal mobile devices as softphones to make and receive school phone calls, without exposing their own personal information or storing confidential information to their devices. 

3. Connectivity

Cloud-Based School Phone Systems have the capability to connect classrooms, offices, and buildings. Due to being internet-based, these buildings don’t even need to be in the same country! Your school can enjoy total connectivity between multiple locations at an affordable price without the inconvenience of having to run new wiring. This is not even close to being possible with traditional landline phone systems.  

4. Cost Savings

Schools never have to worry about paying for expensive hardware purchases again with a Cloud-Based School Phone System. This can save thousands of dollars per year. Not only do you save money on calls and hardware, but the video calling feature can save your staff from making costly trips.  

5. Easy Updates

Cloud-Based School Phone Systems are automatically updated by your service provider. Plus, new features and innovations are always being created and introduced. This saves you time and money over traditional phone systems that need to be updated when the system no longer supports their needs.  

6. Scalability

With maintenance calls, service fees, and appointments to get the work done, adding phone lines to a traditional phone system is not only costly but time-consuming as well. With a Cloud-Based School Phone System, adding a line is a breeze. The only new equipment you need is the handset itself. Other than that, adding a new line is as easy as logging into your portal.  

7. Technical Support

Service providers take care of your support and maintenance needs, including all security and compliance obligations. Your administrative team won’t have to manage multiple telecommunication vendor relationships or agreements, and neither will your IT department face additional tasks or burdens. Additionally, service provider experts can quickly solve most technical requests remotely in less than 24 hours.  

Time to Update to a Cloud-Based School Phone System

Taking your school communications to the cloud can have lots of benefits for not just you, but your entire school district and HighComm is here to help!  

We will not only install your phone system but also keep you up to date with any updates and innovations that become available. Our Cloud-Based School Phone System is packed with all the features you and your staff need to run an efficient and successful school. Contact us today to get started! 

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