7 Benefits of VoIP Phone Service for Business


Whether you’ve been in business for decades or are just starting out, choosing to use a VoIP phone service instead of plain old telephone services (POTS) is one of the best decisions you can make. If you’re having trouble believing it, we’ve rounded up seven big benefits to choosing a VoIP phone service for your business. 


VoIP Phone Service For Business: Benefits for Employees 

When choosing a phone system, your first thought should be about how it’ll impact your employees. After all, they’ll be the ones using the system the most. 

More Flexibility 

According to experts, remote work is here to stay. Some data scientists project that 25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of this year. With the demand for remote and hybrid work environments on the rise, business VoIP gives your employees the freedom they need to access their office phones from any location and any device – without giving out their cell phone numbers. 

More Productivity 

One of the biggest drains on an employee’s time is doing work that they’ve already done. According to Asana’s Anatomy of Work Index, the average knowledge worker spends 209 hours (about 1 week 1 and a half days) a year on duplicative work. VoIP phone systems can reduce that spend! Most offerings give their users advanced integration capabilities. Automatically log sales calls in your CRM, store phone records about trouble tickets, and more all from one platform. No more double or triple logging the information. 

More Customization 

Each of your employees uses their phone differently. But many traditional phone systems don’t account for those differences. This leaves employees with either too many features (that they don’t need or won’t use) or too little. Most VoIP service providers give their users access to a whole host of features, allowing each user to choose the feature set that best fits their workflow. 


VoIP Phone Service For Business: Benefits for Business 


Saves You Money – Directly and Indirectly 

Let’s begin with some of the direct (and often immediate) savings VoIP phone services provide. It removes the need for costly PBX hardware onsite, saving you between $500 and $2,000 per user. VoIP phone systems also don’t rely on copper wiring, removing those extra charges from your bill. On average, it reduces overall calling costs for local and domestic calls by at least $30 per line. It also cuts recurring costs such as taxes and repair/maintenance fees by rolling them into the monthly subscription costs. 

And we haven’t even gotten to the indirect savings like being able to add more features at no extra cost, port and maintain your current numbers without any hidden fees, and more. These savings are hard to ignore. 

Excellent Connectivity & Voice Quality 

When VoIP first hit the market, the offering was still a little rough around the edges. Calls would drop, there would be static on the line. Long story short, it needed work. Now, thanks to advancements in VoIP technology and better access to more stable Internet connections, VoIP is more reliable than its traditional counterparts! Latency issues, lag, and dropped audio are a thing of the past, improving your communications at a fundamental level. Just be sure you’ve got a good amount of bandwidth to support these calls! 

Flexes to Fit Your Needs 

Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP phone services allow you a remarkable amount of flexibility both in features and in function. Just went through a wave of hiring and need new users added to your subscription? Can be done in a matter of minutes. Need to add a few new features for your newest department? They can be active on those users’ accounts in seconds. No more waiting for a few days to get new users added to your phone system – the power to scale Is in your hands with VoIP!  

Easy Installation, Configuration, and Maintenance 

Everyone dreads learning a new system, especially when the manuals are three inches thick. Setting it up and going through proper training negatively impacts employee productivity for weeks and is a major source of frustration for all departments. Thankfully, most VoIP phone systems are a plug-and-play solution. Simply connect your phone to the internet, log into your office phone system online, and follow the steps from there! Even maintenance requests are simplified – allowing you and your employees to spend your time on more impactful tasks. 


HighComm Offers VoIP Phone Service For Business 

HighComm’s VoIP phone system was built to boost businesses of all shapes and sizes. From its extensive feature library to its powerful softphone and mobile application, HighComm has what you need to succeed in business communications. And since we know no two businesses are alike, we make it our mission to understand your needs and deliver the perfect solution to increase your efficiency and productivity.  

If you’re interested in a personalized VoIP phone system, reach out to our experts today 

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